Canceled Summer 2010, officially stamped in passport July 1, 2012

 Our second park, officially counted as our 31st

During the 4th of July weekend, we drove from our hometown of Charlotte to Washington, DC.  In spite of this, we also wanted Shenandoah National Park to be our next endeavor. Therefore, we drove I-77 North to the Blue Ridge Parkway NE. The parkway changes into the 105 mile Skyline drive.

It took a lot longer to get to our final destination. However, we became aware that the final destination was not always the best part of the trip. Being together and the anticipation of each new voyage was the best part. It was thrilling stuff. This is when our friends began to think we were crazy. They did not understand why we would go out of our way just to visit a park.

The next morning, after the holiday fireworks, we drove back the same way. This time we treated ourselves, took a few small hikes, and laughed a bunch. It was so much fun for us.

Two years later we came back to truly benefit from this wonderland. We saw a black bear eating breakfast, hiked the Dark Hollow Falls Trail, and took our time to cool off in the Virginia Mountains.


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