In the heart of Maine lies a gem of natural wonder: Acadia National Park. As families embark on their journey to this picturesque paradise, they discover a haven where every member, young and old, finds delight. Here’s why Acadia is the ultimate family-friendly destination:

  1. Scenic Trails: Lace-up your hiking boots and embark on a family-friendly adventure along Acadia’s scenic trails. From easy strolls to more challenging hikes, there’s a path for every skill level, leading you through lush forests, past serene lakes, and up to breathtaking viewpoints.
  2. Cadillac Mountain: Rise with the sun and journey to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak on the East Coast. Witness the spectacle of dawn breaking over the Atlantic Ocean, a memory your family will cherish forever.
  3. Thunder Hole: Experience the power of nature at Thunder Hole, where crashing waves create a booming sound like thunder. Kids will marvel at the spectacle while learning about the forces shaping the rugged coastline.
  4. Jordan Pond: Enjoy a leisurely stroll around Jordan Pond, a serene lake surrounded by verdant forests and majestic mountains. Afterward, treat the family to popovers and tea at the historic Jordan Pond House.
  5. Wildlife Watching: Keep an eye out for Acadia’s diverse wildlife, from playful seals and majestic bald eagles to elusive moose and deer. Encourage the kids to bring along binoculars and see who can spot the most creatures.
  6. Rock Climbing: For adventurous families, Acadia offers opportunities for rock climbing under the guidance of experienced instructors. Conquer the granite cliffs together and bond over shared triumphs.
  7. Carriage Roads: Explore Acadia’s historic carriage roads on foot, bike, or horseback. These car-free pathways wind through tranquil forests and past pristine lakes, offering a peaceful escape into nature.
  8. Junior Ranger Program: Enroll the kids in Acadia’s Junior Ranger Program, where they can learn about nature, conservation, and the park’s history through fun and interactive activities. Upon completion, they’ll proudly receive a badge as a symbol of their newfound knowledge.

With its blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and educational opportunities, Acadia National Park captivates the hearts of families seeking unforgettable experiences amidst nature’s splendor. Pack your bags, hit the road, and embark on a journey of discovery together in this enchanting wilderness.


We made it to Acadia late in the evening after driving for two days from Chicago. The excitement was tremendous. We ate our first Maine lobster prior to checking into our hotel. The Quality Inn was adequate. It was located just a few miles from one of the park entrances and walking distance from Bar Harbor…

Canceled July 31, 2013