Welcome to Grand Canyon National Park, a natural wonder of breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring grandeur. Nestled in the heart of Arizona, the Grand Canyon offers families a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of one of the world’s most iconic landscapes. Here are eight reasons why Grand Canyon is the perfect destination for families:

South Rim: Begin your adventure at the South Rim Visitor Center, where informative exhibits and ranger-led programs provide insight into the geology, ecology, and history of the Grand Canyon. Pick up a Junior Ranger activity booklet for the kids and embark on a quest to become official park stewards.

Grand Canyon Village: Explore Grand Canyon Village, a historic district that serves as the hub of activity on the South Rim. Wander through the historic buildings, visit the Kolb Studio for art exhibits and cultural programs, and enjoy panoramic views of the canyon from Mather Point.

Bright Angel Trail: Hike the family-friendly Bright Angel Trail for stunning views of the canyon’s rugged cliffs and towering rock formations. Descend into the depths of the canyon, following the trail as it winds its way down to the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch.

Yavapai Point: Visit Yavapai Point for panoramic views of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River below. Explore the Yavapai Geology Museum and learn about the forces that shaped this natural wonder over millions of years.

Hopi Point: Watch the sunset at Hopi Point, one of the best viewpoints in the park for capturing the changing colors of the canyon as the sun dips below the horizon. Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy a memorable evening with your family against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon.

Hermit Road: Drive or take the free shuttle along Hermit Road, a scenic route that offers breathtaking views of the canyon’s South Rim. Stop at overlooks such as Mohave Point and Pima Point for stunning vistas and photo opportunities.

Desert View Watchtower: Explore the Desert View area and climb the historic Desert View Watchtower for panoramic views of the Grand Canyon and the surrounding desert landscape. Marvel at the intricate murals and architectural details inspired by Native American artwork.

Junior Ranger Program: Engage the whole family in Grand Canyon’s Junior Ranger Program, where kids can learn about canyon ecology, wildlife, and conservation through fun and interactive activities. Upon completion, they’ll receive a badge and a sense of pride in protecting this natural treasure.

With its stunning vistas, outdoor adventures, and opportunities for exploration, Grand Canyon National Park offers families a chance to connect with nature and create memories that will last a lifetime. Pack your sense of adventure, comfortable hiking shoes, and plenty of water, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Grand Canyon.


From looking up at the peaks of Zion the day before to looking down at the formations that were created from the Colorado River seemed predetermined. However, the Grand Canyon was not something planned. Instead of going to Bryce Canyon early as scheduled, we make a decision to drive south to visit the north rim….

Canceled July 26, 2010