Having the scared title of father is an honor. Being a dad, the leader of the family, and playing, having fun… with your kids is a joyful and gratifying experience. However, those moments are short lived.

My two boys are now older teenagers and are no longer interested in hanging out with me anymore. They prefer to hang out with their friends that are closer to their own age.

My wife and I are are alone hiking in the Alpine Tundra where the climate can be extremely harsh. We are in Rocky Mountain National Park backcountry camping in the Boulderfield and will attempt to summit Longs Peak at 14,259 ft.

A few years ago, when our children were younger and during our vacations from work and school, we were fortunate to adventure and explore all 59 American national parks. It took a lot of planning, sacrifice and God’s goodwill.

Yes! Together as family we successfully accomplished our quest. Not only did we see the wonders of America, but we all experienced it together. Hiking in the wilderness was our church on Earth. Moreover, it was truly quality family time together.

We documented our journey and created a feature film to inspire, educate, and encourage others to take advantage of our nations treasures. The movie is called 59 before 18. So, turn off your technology and get into the WILDLIFE!

An adventurous true story about an extraordinary quest.

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