Big Bend

Canceled December 26, 2011

We spend our winter vacation driving our 2008 Honda Accord to New Mexico and back to North Carolina. Our objective was to cancel four more parks. Our first achievement was Big Bend in southwest Texas. This is where the road ends at the Rio Grande, the boundary between the United States and Mexico.

This remote part of America was wonderful to experience. Our first hike was along the Boquillas Canyon Trail. We heard a Mexican gentleman singing Christmas songs across the border and hiked along the river. That night the evening stars were brilliant.

The next morning we hiked the Santa Elena Canyon trail. It was sunrise and the reflections were spectacular. Driving on a dirt road to get there was exciting too. During the day we hiked The Lost Mine Trail at an elevation of 7550 feet. We saw a road runner and took a replenishing bath in a Hot Spring. Finally, we watched the sunset over the desert against the Chisos Mountains.


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