Great Smoky Mountains

Canceled summer 2009, officially stamped in passport August 1, 2010 and many more

Driving back from our vacation out west, we were so motivated that we wanted to visit one more park before we arrived home. Therefore, we entered The Great Smoky Mountains from Tennessee to take a hike. We selected the steep Chimney Tops trail.

Now this park was so different from what we have previously seen over the last two weeks… it was so GREEN! Lush with all types of vegetation and humidity, we knew were near our house in North Carolina. The biological diversity makes this park very special.

It was after this experience that we became inspired to visit all 58 American National Parks before Luke and Winston became 18. We became closer as a family because of this vacation. We developed a deeper sense of responsibility and respect for each other. We grew into a healthier lifestyle. We learned to appreciate our country and being adventurous. Most of all, everything new exploration we did for the first time, we did together.

Since this park (half in North Carolina) is less than four hours from our home, we have adventured back many more times.









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