Isle Royale

Canceled July 26, 2013

Located in Michigan on an island in Lake Superior Isle Royale National Park is accessible only by boat or seaplane. We traveled by ferry to this unspoiled forest with no roads. We felt alive with excitement to get a glimpse of this remote wilderness. The boat trip to the island was windy, wet and cold. It was 90 minutes of extreme fun with a foggy mist and 45 degree lake waters hitting us in the face.

After we made it to the island we went to the Windigo Visitor Center canceling our 46th national park. We hiked as a family in solitude to Grace Creek Overlook. The silence of the park was euphoric. The view from the top was spectacular. This national park may be hard to get to, but is well worth the extra effort. Usually, with great risk comes great reward. Isle Royale was very rewarding!

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