Lassen Volcanic

Canceled July 28, 2011

Lassen Volcanic National Park hydrothermal areas offer bubbling mud pots, steaming fumaroles, and boiling water. Here in northern California, Lassen Peak is one of the world’s largest plug dome volcanoes, rising 2000 feet to an elevation of 10,457 feet.

We hiked slowly over a snow packed trail. Eventually, we came across a hill that looked entertaining to climb up. It became one of the most grueling, yet rewarding endeavors to date. As Alisa waited at the base, Luke was the first to make it to the top. Then Bill achieved success. Winston was struggling as his fellow men encouraged him to never give up. Soon Winston was victorious and the boys celebrated.

Finally, we took a leisurely stroll around Reflection Lake and Manzanita Lake overlooking Lassen Peak in the distance.


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