Canceled July 23, 2012

Sequoia was the second American national park. At 2,200 years old, the 275-foot-tall giant named General Sherman, whose trunk weighs an estimated 1,385 tons and whose circumference at the ground is nearly 103 feet, is the largest tree in the world. Our Earth, sequoias grow naturally only on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada, most often between 5,000 and 7,000 feet in elevation.

We hiked under the canopy of the sequoias where these spiritual superior specimens were alive. It felt like a wilderness city. However, man did not build it. Nor, could fires and other disasters kill them. The dominant, resilient and colossal sequoias will remain since us as Americans have protected them. This is why some have said that our national park system was the best idea we have ever had.











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