Canceled July 25, 2013

Voyageurs National Park is a water based park located in northern Minnesota. However, we arrived by automobile and were extremely anxious to hike the Echo Bay Trail. The bugs were intense and we had to move fast to escape the attack of the mosquitos. We had no bug spray. Therefore, during each step we took we would rub our legs, arms, neck and repeated the coordinated movements. We were disappointed at first, but we made the best out of the situation. Later that evening we swam in the chilly water of Kabetogama Lake. After dinner we watched otters swimming around the dock at sunset.

The next day we went to the Kabetogama Visitor center and enjoyed two ranger led canoe rides. The North canoe trip was very informative about how the voyageurs portage fuzzy gold (beaver fur). The second canoe trip was the Family Canoe trip. During the trip we adventured onto Sphunge Island for a real surprise.  We saw a bald eagle nest from a fallen tree. That afternoon, we went to the Ash River Visitor Center and hiked Beaver Pond Overlook. Beavers are nocturnal and showed no signs of showing their tales to us. The landscape was beautiful, quiet and less buggy then the day before.

On our last day we woke up at 5:00 am. The calm water was soothing as the fog prevented us from seeing the sunrise. We relaxed under a blanket that a Jedi looking Winston brought from the hotel room at Sandy Point Lodge. Finally, we packed the car and prepared ourselves for the next adventure on our way to the next American national park!



  1. We also love to visit the National Parks and since we were already in northern MN we decided to visit Voyageurs National Park. We just happened to be at the Ash River Visitors Center just as your family was leaving! Ranger Margaret told us of your quest and we decided to look up your website. Love the journey and we look forward to reading of your visit to Voyageurs and Isle Royale. We brought our kayaks to Voyageurs and enjoyed exploring the water and coastline after going on a ranger hike. We witnessed the rare “loon dance” of a loon penguining out of the water and doing its tremolo call as it felt threatened by our presence. Wish we had thought of doing this adventure when our kids were younger! Blessings!

    Jean Ringenberg
  2. We sat next to you on the Sea Hunter over to Isle Royale, and shared a couple of 43 degree waves drenching us as they splashed up and over the bow. Great goal you have of visiting all these parks. We went backpacking over there and it is an extraordinary place when you get further away from Windigo. Look forward to your Isle Royale story and movie clip when you post it. Seems like you were going back to Minnesota same day, IRNP really deserves more time.

    Doug Bernero

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