Canceled July 26, 2010

Zion National Park was the first of the five parks in Utah that we canceled. The huge cliffs of orange, red and black had us awestruck. Carved by water, these remarkable faces of rock are the skyscrapers of the wilderness.

Our lodging was outside of the park. We had to take the shuttle bus to enter into the park. Therefore, we woke up before sunrise and were hiking before 8 a.m. We walked through a maze of several narrow sandstone canyons.

In the early afternoon we hike up to Angel’s Landing. It was a very special experience for Luke and Bill. As Alisa and Winston rested at the base, Luke and Bill climbed to the top. It was narrow and extremely dangerous. We kept one hand always on the chain as we slowly moved toward the summit. If we slipped or made a mistake, falling to our death was certain. Therefore, we took the adventure seriously. It was a view and an accomplishment so spectacular that Zion is still Luke’s favorite park.

We went back to Zion during the summer of 2015 to hike Angel’s Landing again (Winston’s first time) and The Narrows.



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