Over the next few days we will provide you a list of our family top ten American national parks. The four of us took plenty of time individually to analyze every one of the 51 (out of the 59) we have visited. We rated, totaled and ranked each place. We hope you enjoy and participate in national park week.

Although each national park is special and well deserved to one of the 59 best parks in America, only ten can be our favorites. The following seven parks did not make our list, but received honorable mention:

Our tenth favorite national park is Acadia. In the North Atlantic region is an iconic place on the coast of Maine that has many tidal pools and an awesome hike called the Bee Hike trail. We canceled this peaceful park in the summer of 2013.

Acadia -  Family Best

The park that topped our list at number nine is Rocky Mountain. This amazing mountainous wonderland is filled with many peaks above ten thousand feet above sea level. Living in this national park are Marmots, Moose and many other magnificent wildlife creatures. We canceled this park in the summer of summer of 2012.

Rocky Mountain picture 15

Bill’s favorite national park, Glacier, was eighth on the family list. Located in Montana, we visited this preserved landscape of majestic beauty in the summer of 2011. Driving on the 50 mile Going-to-the-Sun Road is a must. Filled with waterfalls, cliffs and bears on the side of the street, it is one of the best places to drive in the world. Hiking to crystal clear blue glacier lakes and relaxing in gorgeous lodges located within the park makes visiting this place a dream come true.

Glacier picture 7

Tomorrow we will list more of our favorite national parks. We have not been to Alaska yet (scheduled for this summer). Therefore, none of the eight national parks located in Alaska is on our list.