Resolution vs. Quest

Why not try something new and more challenging for yourself by creating a New Year’s quest instead?

Several years ago we accomplished a quest to explore all 59 American National Parks before our kids turned 18. We are now proud to release our book about it available now on Amazon. Click Here

However, and it’s sad to say, I have failed at several resolutions over the years and I haven’t had a quest since 59 before 18. Even though a resolution is firm decision to do something, a lot of us don’t get it done. Meaning, we have great intentions and start the new year with discipline and success, but as springtime or summer approaches we often forget the resolution. And this is how we all end up failing to accomplish the task.

I say create a quest. A quest to do something maybe adventurous or beyond just a bucket list. A quest to alter the trajectory of your life as well as the lives around you that are most important. Or, maybe create a unique quest to positively affect the lives of countless strangers that uplifts the human spirit of those people while simultaneously achieving your specific task.

I believe being productive creates happiness. Having a goal and trying to achieve it is a lot of the time more enjoyable than getting to the destination itself. It’s the journey on the quest that’s the highlights of our lives.

So, I have created a new quest for myself and my beloved wife of over 25 years Alisa. My New Year’s Eve Quest is to visit the Earth’s 7 continents before I turn 60. I’m 52 years old. Next year we explore North American and visit Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Badlands, Wind Cave and more National Parks that we know and cherish. At age 54 South America, 55 Europe, 56 Asia, 57 Africa, 58 Australia, and 59 Antarctica. The book 7b460 available in 2030

My New Year’s Eve Quest is 7b460 🌎

What’s your Quest?