1. Zion 

  2. Saguaro

  3. Virgin Islands

  4. National Park of American Samoa

  5. Arches 

  6. Great Sand Dunes 

  7. Wrangler St-Ellis 

  8. Kenai Fjords 

  9. Glacier

  10. Yellowstone

59 before 18 – The Book

After many years our American Family National Park Adventure book is finally finished and available for purchase just in time for the holidays. What a gift to give to inspire another family to spend quality time together as they explore our amazing country.

59 before 18 is a true story about our adventurous family that set out on a quest to explore all 59 American National Parks before our kids turned 18-years-old. Bears, bison, snakes and more were seen as we hiked deep into the wilderness. The wildlife and journey all over America created a family bond that grew stronger as each national park was visited.

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