Grand Teton

Canceled July 24, 2010

Grand Teton National Park is a 40 mile long mountain range just south of Yellowstone in northwest Wyoming.  The Teton peak reaches 13,770 feet above sea level.

Our first stop was Jenny Lake. The unspoiled water and spectacular view was so perfect that we took off our shoes, relaxed and stood in the water. Our eyes were amazed by the impressive terrain.

We saw our first Moose hanging out in a river before checking into our plush hotel. We enjoyed lodging and dining at the Snake River Lodge. After three long days of hiking we voted to unwind and eat instead of taking the tram up to the peaks. Dad was out voted three to one.

We went back to Grand Teton National Park during the summer of 2015 and hiked the Amphitheater Lake Trail and much more.


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