Glacier Bay – Episode 72

Enjoy Glacier Bay – Episode 72!

Glacier Bay - Landscape at Gilman Glacier

Glacier Bay National Park is a wilderness full of wonder. Our new adventures in Alaska began here.

  1. I have watched many of your videos and they are fantastic! We are planning our summer vacation and your videos are really helpful. Keep up the great work!

  2. I have just finished visiting all 59 national parks in less than one year. I wondered how many others have done it in the same time, ie one year.. I would love to hear your story. I had such a fantastic time doing this, had some family and friends with me for parts of the journey. Met some fantastic parks staff who were so interested in what I was doin. Just a note, I did this all in my 80th year. I’d love to do it again, especially Alaska, 11 Alaska Airlines Flights, 5 small plane flights, 2 train rides, several ferry rides and a rented car. Wonderful .Kudos to the Alaskans who treated me so great. , and why is this comment page black, so it’s almost unreadable.Sherrye Emery

    Sherrye Emery
  3. Gracelynn and I have just completed all 59 National Parks on September 1, 2015. We both started traveling to each National Park on August 1, 2009 at Grand Teton National Park and traveled through Yellowstone plus Badlands…. Then, we all end up at the state of Alaska…

    We believe that the next challenge for us will be to visit all of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the US. Since some of them are co-located with the National Parks that we had previously visited, this should eliminate several of them from the list.

    Again, congratulations to all of you. We are feeling the same thing that, we have been very proud with our priceless national treasures that should be preserved for the next generations…

    Ike and Gracelynn Tamrak