Charlotte, NC – At first glance, the Goldstein family looks like any other, but their love of National Parks is anything but average.

“We did our first family vacation to drive out west, and it was all about the National Parks..” says father Bill. “We ended up seeing 11 of them, came back, and then all of a sudden, I was addicted to the wilderness and exploring these gorgeous, magnificent and majestic places of America.”

His addiction turned into a very specific mission: visit all 59 of them. They’ve dubbed it 59 before 18.

Glacier picture 17

The purpose to to spend as much quality time together as a family before high school-ers Luke and Winston turn 18.

“It was mostly my dad’s idea. We thought he was a little crazy at first, but you know we’ve gotten to love this adventure,” says Luke.

They’re documenting every bit of their journey with YouTube episodes. They shot their latest one at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Why?

“It symbolizes America and our home city,” says Luke. “We love charlotte, North Carolina and the hall of fame symbolizes it,” Winston adds.

In just a few weeks, the Goldsteins are off to Alaska to ‘cancel’ their last eight national parks. “August 8…we’ll cancel our last park. It’s called a cancellation when you stamp your passport when you visit a park.”

Yosemite picture 9

Aside from spending time together and getting closer as a family, Alisa, Bill, Luke and Winston hope their journey inspires others to get out and see what America’s National Parks have to offer.

To follow along on their journey, you can visit their website or check out their YouTube channel.